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I've been waiting.

    Thanks for visiting!  I've always been intrigued by the wide range of emotions available in the experiences life offers to us all. Photography is my attempt to capture an ever so small portion of these experiences.  From the first time I picked up a camera I found it to be a creative time machine; which lets us revisit moments from the past. Photographs have always intrigued me, be them from first hand experiences or a glimpse into an unfamiliar place and time through someone else's eye .  Each of our lives is a unique series of ripples in the pond of time.  Photography, be it professional or amateur, is a means of creating a collage of those ripples we commonly refer to as life. Whether one of my images appeals to you, or you allow me to capture some new ones of your special moments, I appreciate your consideration of my artwork and my services.

 All images are copyright by Chikiyo Jackson unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. All forms of reproduction of digital image files, alteration or manipulation of said images are prohibited. For information regarding commercial or personal use, please inquire within.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work...  and respecting my efforts!

Chikiyo Jackson
IMMINENT Photography

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